Are you planning CCTV/video surveillance at your place? Everyone tells that they are experts in CCTV cameras installation these days. For example:

  • Security System Integrators.
  • Local CCTV Suppliers/Installers.
  • Electrical Contractors/Electricians.
  • Computer Repair & Services.
  • Interior Decoration Dealers.

But who are experts actually?

In the above list, the Security System integrators are only qualified to do the job correctly because it is their specialization.

Knowing how to install CCTV does not mean that they understand security design methodologies.

What is the purpose of installing CCTV cameras in the first place?

To protect your valuables, right?

Our on-site assessments brought out some of the craziest design faults. For example, a local CCTV installer designed the storage system in an unsecured zone, which gives easy access to the bad guy to destroy your CCTV system quickly.

If the price is the only factor that you decide, you better do not purchase.

If you make your purchase decision based on only at a low cost, you will only get cheap service.

Security is all about quality, whether it is design or response.

No quality, no protection.

If the budget is a prime concern, you better decide on less quantity and more quality rather than more quantity and less quality.

If you go cheap, you will face the following problems:

If you choose the local installers/distributors/technicians/electricians, you will not only waste your money but also the installed system does not protect your assets.

And the worst part is if you choose cheap equipment due to budget limit, no one provides service support to your CCTV system if it does not work. Because the maintenance cost of cheap equipment will be more.

The trend has been that those companies/vendors who operated at low cost have suffered losses and closed their businesses within 2 Years due to loss. This will be a huge replacement cost for you.

If you want to avoid the above headache, it is better to choose professional security solutions providing companies.

Corp Security Solutions is a Security Risk Consulting Company & Expert Security System integrator.

The benefits you will get are risk-based security planning, professional CCTV design, installation& service.  Also, you will get onsite support and assistance through AMC or On-Call.