Like food, water, air, etc, communicating with each other is also a significant basic need that helps for the survival of the human race. Communication can play a vital role in many situations, through proper communication between the nations can avoid and stop wars even before they begin. 

Even relationships are saved on many occasions with good communication and conversation between the partners. 

How does anyone define communication? 

Communication is a process through which a sender can communicate or share his message to the receiver in different modes consisting of various modules. 

Communication can be a long paragraph or an abbreviation, text or symbol, emoji or gif, signs or signals everything is, in some nature, a kind of way to communicate and convey a message or information to others who are on the receiving end. 

Communication in security  

How can security personnel perform his duties when he doesn’t get any instructions? 

Security personnel is blinded and mission less if there is no communication between them and their superiors. All the security personnel who are on security duty, either on the cross borders of a nation or at the entrance of a shopping complex can perform their duties and fulfill their responsibilities only when there is someone to guide and command them about what is required from them. 

Imagine a troop of soldiers got stuck in the middle of a battle like in the movie Saving Private Ryan or Fury. In both the movies they know that they are outnumbered compared to the enemy and yet there were no reinforcements sent to help. This was because they had no time to wait or communication channel to inform the superiors about the reinforcements. 

The example itself cannot conclude the need and necessity for communication while on security duty. 

There may be many other such instances in our history which the world may not be aware of where warriors and soldiers got killed and lost the fights because of no communication. 

21st century of communication methods in security 

Change is constant. Whoever said these words certainly had a great view and perspective about human nature and its capabilities for the future. 

Science, science has made many breakthroughs. Radio signal transmissions to satellite transmissions are such a great turn of events that are achieved by science and technology in the past few decades.     

War scenarios have changed drastically in today’s world with all the technological advancements. 

Communication has become easier and very effective with many advanced technologies. Every household holds at least a handset to communicate with each other in their families and circle. In the army, troops are being deployed across countries and cross borders to maintain peace and harmony are working effectively without any possibilities of human errors. 

Uses of Communication for the Private Security Department   

You might have seen many times in the movies or come across security personnel contacting other personnel in senior positions to confirm the authorization of the entries in cases no entry pass with the entrants. Asking for permissions to allow the authorization or entry of a person or group into the premises is also a form of communication method used in security. 

To deliver messages 

Security personnel is often found with earpieces or a walkie-talkie in their hands. Outside the entrance of a corporate building, commercial building, or a luxurious home or hotel we encounter a security department who checks the credentials of the entrants. 

This security personnel allows the entrants in the compounds only after confirming the authorization by sending and receiving messages from the inside. In case of failed communication either from the inside or from the outside, it can be a message of warning to the security department on the premises. 

Through various communication channels like a walkie-talkie, handsets, earpieces, and in some cases CCTV surveillance, each channel can play the role of communication by delivering the messages. 

To Inform the Duties and Responsibilities 

Corporate buildings, commercial places, airports, hospitals, major events, public gatherings, and other festivities are mostly crowded all the time. To ensure a smooth functioning and a safe and secure environment in the entire surroundings, the security departments plan the security details. 

All security personnel on duty are instructed about the roles and duties that are assigned to them to make sure that there is no confusion among the personnel. These instructions are designed plans and procedures of security policies. 

Instructing the security staff about the policies is also a way to communicate with each other for ensuring a safe and secure perimeter.  

To Warn about Threats 

Most of you may have watched the movie 300 if not try to watch it. The 300 Spartans who fight the Persian army very bravely are defeated at the end because of no proper communication with the Spartan council and also because of communication (Information about the routes) from a traitor. 

You might get an idea about what I’m talking about after watching the movie. For now, I won’t bother you with details and be a spoilsport. 

If there is a security breach or a mishap in the perimeter, the guards running to inform the superiors to inform them about the possible threat and waiting for instructions can only lead to destruction and dangerous escalation. 

All the efforts can go in vain if the security personnel are not able to warn others about the threats and terror on the premises. To inform others in advance you need an effective channel to communicate. See how useful proper communication can help the security department in the hour of need. 

To Accompany the Emergency Response Team 

I hope everyone says yes if I ask have you watched Titanic, a great love tale right. The music and the fireworks were lovely to watch in the climax.   

How nice it would have been if there was another way to communicate other than fireworks. Accept it if you didn’t know that the fireworks were actually used as a signal for help. In any accident or mishap, emergency response teams play a vital role in rescuing the people. These response or rescue teams are coordinated and accompanied by the outside world with the use of communication. 

Fireworks are a bright way of communication, but it was so sad to watch the ship sink than watching Rose throw the diamond necklace in the ocean. If only the Titanic had a communication channel to seek help or a proper emergency team to coordinate the rescue operations many more lives would have been saved and Jack would have had the door to himself till the boat comes back. 

One’s misfortune should never become another man’s parody.   

To Ensure Security Protocols and Policies 

CCTV surveillance, fire alarms, and motion sensors are also part of communication means in the security detail. The role of these technologies can provide a wide range of possibilities to avoid any kind of unwanted situations in the proximity.  

Security protocols and policies are planned and designed to ensure that the proximity is safe and secure. The above technologies allow the security staff to monitor the entire premises by sitting and staring at a screen. Few motion sensor cameras capture the motion of any moving object, and if the object is an unauthorized entry it sends out a caution alerting the security personnel to patrol the area to find out about the threat. 

Fire alarms or smoke detectors are installed in many buildings these days. These systems are placed to detect any signs of fire or smoke to warn about the fire outbreak by sounding an alarm. Even slight changes in the temperature, above normal, can make these systems set off the alarms. 

Along with the fire alarms and smoke detectors nowadays water sprinklers are also being installed to go off immediately in case of a fire.  

With all the gadgets you have to ensure safety and security you must also have a plan where and which places require these installations. Security protocols and policies allow you to get an idea about how you are going to plan and design your security on the compound. 

 Impacts of communication 

Stock markets, multi-billion dollars companies and projects, board members and shareholders, CEOs and employees, trades between nations, everyone and everything is dependent on some piece of information which is delivered to the respective receivers.  

Movies, short films, motivational video speeches and songs, shorts stories, fictitious and non-fictitious books everything conveys a message along with entertainment. 

Sports channels, news channels, weather reporting, business reports, national and international talks between world leaders always end with a result which is information and message. 

Everything, literally everything in the world and across the galaxies is dependent on communication, even in space we try to find and communicate with other inhabitants on other planets which has the source of life. 

Communication has been an essential part of our lives from the beginning of time not just after the human race was born.  

Who knows, maybe some other planet is trying to communicate with us for a long time and away from zillion galaxies distance. Because of the space being infinite we have not yet received the message or else we did not comprehend the message yet even after receiving it. Let your brain keep guessing, it is also a form of communication to ensure that your awake and not in a dream state induced by some aliens after capturing you from this planet.