Flying at an altitude height of 35,000ft to 42,000 ft people need to be more careful while there are on a plane journey about their concerns for safety and security. Most people find it very exciting while taking a plane journey, be it their first time or not. But with the recent trends in the increase of terrorism and their methods to hijack a plane safety and security can be a high priority. Knowing a little self-defense while traveling at a height of 35,000 ft is only going to hurt the hijackers who hijack the plane. 

Today together let us know how one can be safe and secured during a plane journey.  

While traveling through commercial planes the passengers in the plane during the flight can imagine the various type of scenarios that can cause interruption to their safe and secured environment and lives. 

How do you want to be sure that that you are going to be safe and secure during the plane journey? 

Technically speaking there can be different kinds of risks involved while taking a plane journey. Turbulence issues can cause the plane to blast in the mid-air, severe weather conditions can change the plane course or destroy the plane scattering the plane into pieces in the middle of an ocean. Some kind of technical glitches during landing the plane can cause accidents. Well, in all these scenarios there isn’t much a passenger can do about it. 

We are going to talk about how you can make sure that you are going to be safe and secure during a plane journey that involves yourselves. 

Snakes are definitely not going to be a part of this discussion 

Let me clear your thoughts first, snakes cannot be a threat for the passengers like in the movie Snakes on a Plane hypothetically speaking only. Well, if snakes are really abroad then the right course of action can be listed out during that emergency. But for now, let us stick to the actual and real threats. 

Criminals, sophisticated thieves like in the movies, and the most dangerous ones can be the hijackers. These can be the real threats on a plane with the given space in the plane and well you are obviously in a manner are in the space (atmosphere).  

These can be some serious problems to face while you are at high altitudes with some serious less sensitive equipment on the plane. Hijackers mostly have different agendas while they plan to hijack a plane. Hijacking a plane needs some serious planning which can be avoided firsthand by trying to stop them before they board the plane. 

Security professionals who are a part of the airport security stay vigilant about the passengers boarding the plane. They try to eliminate the threat by observing all the passengers in the boarding area to spot any unusual activity or unusual behavior of any passenger.  

Even the passengers who are ready to board the plane need to observe your surroundings and the co-passengers in the waiting area. If by any chance you find anything suspicious about anyone you need to inform the authorities instead of just ignoring them. Your information can sometimes be easy for the security departments to eliminate threats on the ground level, if not there can be some repercussions.  

Nervousness, excess sweating, impatience, often checking the watches and baggage, and noticing the movements of the security professionals can be some signs to identify the culprits who are about to board the plane with no good intentions.  

Some first-timers who are boarding the plane can also show the same signs but that will be taken care of by the authorities and security officials after running a background check on them. But your primary goal here should be about you informing the authorities about your suspicions.  

By raising suspicion when you find odd behavior from any of the co-passengers you make the job of the airport security officials to identify the threat is real or not.  

An Advice for the Cabin Crew and the Passengers  

Everyone admires the classy nature and the beauty of the cabin crew. But not in all cases the looks can serve the purpose. Along with the humbleness that is possessed by the cabin crew there are is something else that the cabin crew needs to work on to make a safe and secured flight journey for the passengers. 

Self-defense should be taught to all the flight attendants and the cabin crew to ensure safety and security on the plane. 

Self-defense can come in very handy in different situations for the flight attendants mainly.  

During a flight journey the cabin crew mainly the flight attendants has to deal with different kinds of passengers. The kinds can include sexual predators, abusers, assaulters, and the easily offended short-tempered passengers who pose various kinds of challenges and threats to them. Apart from these kinds of passengers, there is the most dangerous kind the terrorists who might hijack the plane or bomb the plane while in flight. 

With a few self-defense classes, the flight attendants would be able to defend themselves from petty issues to serious problems. Maybe not in all situations the threat can be eliminated effectively by the cabin crew and their self-defense lessons. But the least they can do with their self-defense techniques is that they can minimize the threat and the scale of danger it possesses in hijack situations. 

While encountering the terrorists or the hijackers who hijacked the plane with your basic self-defense lessons can be hard because the chances of your survival are very low and the stakes are very high, literally very high because your flight is at an altitude of 35,000 ft. But you challenging the hijackers can cause panic in them and their mission and also the passengers can give a hand with the push you gave them by showing courage. 

I think there is no need to give an introduction to the deadliest terrorist attack that has ever happened in human history. 9/11 attacks on American soil have created chaos in the infrastructures, the economy, and the 90 different countries that lost their citizens in the attacks. 

On the morning of September 11, 2001, four commercial planes from different locations were hijacked by 19 terrorists who were divided into four groups. Each group had their own pilot to fly the plane after taking control of the plane.  

The interesting fact in the attacks is that not all the planes were successful in destroying their targets. Only the three planes were able to crash in the locations they wanted to, but the fourth commercial plane which was carrying 33 passengers and 7 cabin crew did not reach the location.  

The fourth plane which was hijacked by 4 terrorists was headed to the Capitol building but crashed elsewhere. According to the reports, the fourth plane passengers showed resistance by attempting to subdue the hijackers, in fear of failing the mission the hijacker pilot crash-landed the plane in a field in Pennsylvania.  

These attacks claimed nearly 2,973 lives, not including the terrorists who carried out the mission. If the fourth commercial plane was also able to succeed in its mission the toll would have gone up a little. But the restrain and the resistance which was shown by the passengers in the plane averted the attack on the Capitol building. There were no survivors from all the planes but the fourth plane was able to at least avert the danger, not increase any more death count by sacrificing themselves.  

The world is in constant need of heroes who can protect others from threats. All the security professionals and the security departments from each sector always tries to keep the people safe and secured. But being safe and secure doesn’t always have to be dependent on the security officials and the law enforcement departments. We also need to look out for ourselves. To be able to do that doesn’t always require becoming trained fighters.  

Some simple self-defense techniques can be very helpful in dealing with threats such as mugging, thefts, and assaults on the ground levels from workplace environments to streets. But knowing self-defense techniques during a plane journey can surely help in boosting up your confidence to go face to face with threats. 

With the metal detectors and the extensive screening of all the passengers, there won’t be many weapons on the hijackers. Given the fewer weapons, you can take it as an advantage to show your self-defense skills. 

Don’t believe what is shown in the movies, it is very difficult to smuggle something into a plane. So terrorists won’t be having AK-47 or automatic weapons for that matter which can make your task simple. They even use fake bombs to scare the passengers which were exactly what happened in the series of 9/11 attacks.  

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