To decide what is best for you and your career has to be a never-ending process. With each new level, you reach you have to aim for the next level.

Like a videogame, reaching the next level can sometimes be very easy and sometimes it gets very difficult and messy to move to the next level from the present stage. In the game to achieve the tasks, you need to get yourself equipped with all the required gear that is necessary to level up from the current level.

Likewise, in life too, to level up from your current level in terms of career growth, pay scale, and your position you need to be extra equipped with all the requirements that are essential for you to aim for the next level.

Well, if you are a security professional who is working for the corporate sector’s security department with no growth in the career to level up, then it is high time to think about your requirements.

Many security professionals are stuck at their current levels because of not knowing how to gather all the gear that is required for promotion. And some security professionals are stuck because they ignore the fact that they are not fully equipped or qualified for the senior-level position.

The difference between awareness and ignorance in this matter is the gap that you need to fill immediately to overcome from a standstill career. That can be achieved in the security profession by pursuing some certification courses according to your experience and education qualification.

 Few courses can help you to level up in the corporate security industry as a security professional.

CSM (Certified Security Manager)

CSM is an advanced level security management training and certification course that can help you move up from the positions of security engineers, security specialists, security consultants, security managers, loss prevention managers.

By clearing the CSM Certification which is a 16-20 weeks program you can get promoted to positions like senior security managers, regional security managers, security directors, and chief security officers.

CSS (Certified Security Specialist)

CSS is a 12- 16 weeks certification course that is specialized in physical and technical security. This course is modulated in a security specialist training program with domain-wise assessment.

A security professional who finishes this course can aim for positions like security engineer, security consultants, security specialists, loss prevention managers, security managers.

CSE (Certified Security Executive)

 CSE certification can be completed in 12-16 weeks. This certification course allows you to learn about all the foundations in security management through a modulated mid-level training program.

CSE certification can introduce you as a security professional for the positions of security executives, senior security executives, and assistant security managers.

CSA (Certified Security Associate)    

CSA certification is a foundational course in the security industry that teaches you all the fundamentals that are an essential part of a security professional. Anyone who wants to make a career in the security industry can pursue this course and complete it in 8-12 weeks.

This is a foundational level course for the aspirants who want to be part of the corporate security sector.

CPP (Certified Protection Professional)

CPP certification concentrates on security management, it is a gold standard course for the professionals who want to acquire knowledge about security management.

Candidates who are thinking of selecting this course need to mark their calendars for at least 3-4 months.

PSP (Physical Security Professional)

PSP certification gives you an idea about all the physical security. A physical security assessment is a mainstream role that is assigned to the candidates who wants to be a security professional with PSP certification.

This course takes up to 3-4 months to complete.

APP (Associate Protection Professional)

APP certification is obtained by the security professional whose aim is to be a security manager in the security department. The APP certification gives you the intel on security and risk management, resource management.

Security professionals aiming for the APP certification need to allot 2-3 months for the course completion.

PCI (Professional Certified Investigators)

PCI certification can add a glamorous title under your name as a security professional. This certification provides you with knowledge about case management, evidence collection, and reports writing on the case.

To get qualify for this certification you need to have experience in the investigations along with 2-3 months of your time for the course duration.

Each certification course’s requirements, eligibility criteria are different from one other. Candidates with educational backgrounds and non-educational backgrounds both can apply for these courses based on their years of work experience in the security department as a security professional.

As the global market statistics suggest, the demand for the private security industry is making a significant impact on the career paths of many individuals.

The Indian market for global security is estimated to grow from the gross economy of 99,000 crores INR in 2020 to 1.5 lakh crores INR by the year 2022.