Upgradation has to be made as a habit in every part of your life. For every few months when the world around us is changing and evolving. Evolution and upgrades include one’s career, career path, career growth, and goals. Living in such a world, how can you not be ready to make an impact of your own in the world

If you want to succeed and make a strong impact, it is supposed to be by upgrading your career path for every year if possible. These kinds of chances are reported to happen once in a while, so always be ready on your toes to grab the opportunity.

Such an opportunity for an individual who works as a security professional in the security department is to upgrade his skills and earn relevant certification by taking few courses that can help him to get promoted to senior-level positions.

How To Achieve A Senior-Level Position?

If you have been working as a security officer for years until now and have seen no growth nor promotions in the position then you might be lagging. And lagging in this competitive world can be a big mistake that can affect your life on many levels. To get yourself promoted to a senior level, you need to cross-check again about what is wrong in your approach.

If what I think is right, then you are in short of some extra skills that are a requirement and a certification in the security field.

CSS (Certified Security Specialist) can be your moment to pounce on your opportunity.

What Is Css Certification?

CSS (Certified Security Specialist) is an advanced-level certification program which is specialized in physical and technical security training. The program is modulated according to domains that are essential in the field of security. CSS is an advanced physical security specialist training program that offers a lot of validation to aim for higher positions.

The domains given below are included in the program to help you to add few new extra skills during the training.

  1. Physical  Security Risk  Management  Strategies
  2. Physical  Security  Design  Principles
  3. Electronic  Security  Systems
  4.  Physical  Security  Measures
  5. Physical  Security  Project  Management 

Who Are Eligible For Css (Certified Security Specialist) Course?

Candidates who are eligible for this course require few requirements that are stated below based on the kind of experience they have got.

  • Security professionals who are having 6 or more years of experience in the security field of work even with no higher education degree are also eligible.
  • Candidates with CSE/APP certification and no educational degree must have 5 years of experience in the security field.
  • Professionals who are degree holders need to have a minimum 4 years of security experience.
  • Any security professional with a degree and CSE/APP certification is eligible with just 3 years of experience in the field.
  • Any candidate who wishes to apply for a course in the security department must have been not convicted of any kind of criminal charges or offenses.

Benefits Of The Course

  • CSS (Certified Security Specialist) Certification course enables you to learn advanced physical security concepts which can make your job easier and also search for new jobs at the senior level.
  • The certification allows you to showcase your worth to the mid-level and senior-level for promotions.
  • The corporate world will welcome you to be a part of their organizations.
  • Because of the certification, you will have an added benefit in the competitive world with better work opportunities, compensation, and a great new work environment.
  • You will be recognized and get noticed as a significant player among your peers.

What Is The Css (Certified Security Specialist) Course ?

Well, at this point you must be wondering about the details of the course. The nature of the course like said earlier is an advanced level in regards to physical and technical security.

The duration of the course is generally rounded up to 3 to 5 months.

During the course, the candidate who has enrolled for it has to complete weekly wise domain tasks that are educated through processed video mind-maps. At the end of every week, the candidate has to give an assessment test on that week’s domain.

Throughout the course, the security professional who has opted for the CSS (Certified Security Specialist) certification has to finish their assigned tasks on regular basis within the given time.

To fully qualify and get the certification, the candidate must give a final assessment test which consists of 150 multiple-choice questions. Only the candidates who have secured a minimum of 80% in the final assessment test is awarded CSS (Certified Security Specialist) Certification

As you have noticed this is not a complex way to get your certification which can prove to be worthier than you think of it. Think about the competition that is being faced by today’s youth in the corporate world. Well choose for yourselves, do you want to get swept away like others who are not qualified enough for the jobs in the floodings of competitive corporate sectors.

It might not be an ideal choice not to look for a better future in the security industry. So stop wasting your efforts and energy on a minimum payment when you can settle for a big paycheck.

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