Brig. Gen. (R) Ahmed Fekry transitioned into a Corporate Security Management career after serving 30 years in the Egyptian Military. Now working as Area Security Manager for a leading Facilities Management organization in Cairo, Egypt. He finds himself drawn to the Corporate Security function’s ability to create positive out­comes for an organization from top to bottom.

With approximately 150 security personnel reporting directly to him, Ahmed and his team are responsible for all events that may threaten the organization’s operations. With such an important mandate, Ahmed finds that adhering to industry-proven best practices effectively ensures success.

He found Corp Security International and become a Professional Member and he says “My Professional Membership has connected me with Corporate Security professionals around the world who also share the common goal of protecting individuals irrespective of wherever they may work in the world. Those connections and insights have helped to improve services with best-in-class programs and procedures that I have brought back to my organization.”

He earned Corp Security International’s Certified Security Manager (CSM) Advanced Security Management Certification in 2022. He says “Part of the value of becoming certified is the invaluable knowledge you gain from CSM body of knowledge and innovative training program. My organization supported me in pursuing my certification because they understand the value this knowledge brings to the organization.”

Now, Ahmed holds the Corp Security International’s Certified Security Manager (CSM) certification, a symbol of excellence in Corporate Security Management. He loves sharing his knowledge and contributes to various Community Groups of Corp Security International. 

An especially memorable moment for Ahmed was when he and his team rolled out a new security awareness program for the organization.

“Corporate Security offers you the opportunity to shape the minds, culture, and, ultimately, the behavior of others to create and maintain a safe and secure environment,” he reflects. “This industry allows you to explore creative and proactive ways to help mitigate threats in our ever-changing volatile world.”