Are you considering CCTV cameras at your facility to protect your properties? You must have CCTV cameras installed these days to protect your assets better.

CCTV cameras will help you in 3 ways. First, deter people with evil intent (those thieves who want to steal/cause to your property). Second, witness what is happening and third, help investigative agencies, like your internal security team/Facility team/Police authorities, to investigate any incident.

Well. You realized the importance of CCTV cameras and want to install some to protect your properties. Like all, you googled for CCTV Installers in your area, and google showed you many names. You picked the one with a good rating and then got CCTV cameras installed! Now, you assume that your properties are secure. Guess what!

Many times your CCTV cameras do not do the required job. Why?

  • Your local CCTV technician is not a Security Expert. He is just a technician who assembles the parts and makes the system work.
  • Your local CCTV supplier also not a Security Expert, and his objective is to sell you as much equipment as possible.
  • Neither your local CCTV technician nor CCTV supplier knows how to make a security plan. They are just cheating you if they say that they know how to make a security plan because a good security plan is developed only after a thorough security risk assessment.
  • Anybody, everybody cannot conduct a security risk assessment is not a general job. It is a specialist job, and only a few highly qualified security experts can do it.

How can a CCTV technician or local equipment supplier do a security risk assessment? Your CCTV installation, without review by security experts, is not going to meet your security objectives. You will get only a false sense of security.

Whom do you want to review your home design plan? An architect or construction labor. Of Couse! An architect

For your security plan, a security expert like an architect, the CCTV technician is like construction labor.

It is better to choose your CCTV installation wisely than to regret later. Also, remember cheap is not always the best. Look for the optimum cost. Not cheap!

Whom do you want to review your Security plan? A local technician / a CCTV equipment dealer or a Security Expert.

We, at Corp Security Solutions, do the best security risk assessments. We do not advise you about the number of cameras. We will develop a security plan based on actual risk and then suggest the optimal quantity of cameras along with other security measures. Because the CCTV cameras are just one type of security controls, not provide complete security protection.

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